Employed for Good

A working girl’s take on doing well and giving back.

A working girl’s take on doing well and giving back.

The Case for Being Employed for Good

Hi, I’m Dee. I’m a life hack addict and I work for a nonprofit organization in New York City.

If you’ve ever worked in the social sector, you may think ‘‘nice, she’s one of us!’ If you aren’t familiar with the term, then you’re likely wondering “what does that mean, and who would work for a company that doesn’t turn a profit?” It’s a good question – one that I frequently get from relatives whenever the subject comes up.

There’s also a chance that you know what a nonprofit is, work for a different sector and have reservations about my choice. Hear me out.

It’s true that I hope my career can help make the world a better place. As a result, nearly every internship, summer job, and full-time position I’ve had has been with a nonprofit. This wasn’t intentional, but missions moves me — and regardless of whether the focus is education or incarceration, I find fulfillment in working for organizations that tackle enormous social problems with real heart.

But ‘doing good’ isn’t the only draw. While I’m grateful to expand my reach in social issues, the reason I’m still here is because my nonprofit career continues to give me invaluable skills and professional know-how. Be it technical knowledge involving databases, soft skills like public speaking and sales, or even unspoken rules surrounding the office, I’m learning tons about what it takes to be a boss at work.

And yes, this is an upside that can be experienced across all sectors.

Which brings me to this project. I can talk career advice and productivity for DAYS. My background will motivate much of what I share here (and you should probably brace yourself for some reflection on what it’s like to work in the big 🍎).

But ultimately, this place is for anyone who’s interested in career success and believes that personal responsibility can be part of the conversation. We all want the best for our lives, and if there’s room to do good for others at the same time, then it’s totally worth our consideration.

Agree? Then join me on this journey in learning to do well for ourselves, and to do good for others.


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