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Writer’s Update – September 5, 2017

For those who are curious about the person behind the blog, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening.

If you’re subscribed to my (formerly weekly) email digest, then you may have noticed some weeks go by without a peep from me. OR, if you check this site frequently, then you might’ve noticed a lag. I took an unplanned break in August for one simple reason: I was beat.

Summer is usually prime downtime for many of us in the sector. Even though I had some great times this season (New Orleans, take me back!), I was also drowning in work. Any free time that I’d earned from my normal job duties was quickly replaced with other projects and new tasks. Fun things like guiding a database implementation, staff trainings, email campaigns, events and more “community outreach” than I could’ve even imagined.

I really need to update my LinkedIn soon.

Despite feeling swamped, I do mean it when I use the word ‘fun’. I love working and all of the learning that has come with my latest slew of projects.

But admittedly, it’s a lot. And when you focus all your energy into work projects, you end up stretching yourself a little thin. As a result, the nights I would’ve spent writing for this blog were actually spent 1) at home, doing more work or 2) with a TV, trying to reset my brain.

To be frank, I’m also just trying to do better with my health. I’m completely okay, but it’s true what they say: things just don’t work the same way as you get older. It’s even true with diet: my college-stomach then would be disappointed at my adult-stomach now!

I’ve really been looking forward to this holiday weekend because I knew I’d finally have the time to put pen to digital paper. So here’s what I’ll say:

  • Summer was busy, and nothing is slowing down for me in the fall. Now that I’ve accepted it, I’ll post when I can and make it a point to write at least each week.
  • If you like email updates, subscribing is a good way to stay on top of new posts. These will go out biweekly now, most likely on Wednesdays (sometimes Thursdays) and will include every new post since the last email.
  • Most of what I write is advice-y or checklist-y in nature, because I find that format most helpful. I plan to keep it that way, but I’ll include more journal-like posts every now and then. We’re all more than our jobs anyway.
  • It was 59 degrees on the day that I wrote this. Goodbye, summer.

And in keeping with the general theme of this blog, some parting advice: your time can be given to others, but it’s on you to reclaim for yourself every now and again.

Writing outside, trying to soak up the last days of summer.

Till next time,

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